Temple Staff


Gurmandir Administrator

Madhu Tahiliani completed her bachelorís degree in economics from Delhi University, after which she worked as a bank manager. She has been actively involved with events at different members for over 30 years and has proudly served as one of GurMandirís administrators for the last 7 years. Her willingness to get involved is driven by her passion to cater to the ongoing needs of devotees for booking and organizing their events at GurMandir. Madhu is a happy grandmother of four and in her free time heartily enjoys going to Mata ki Chowkiís.I've three children - two daughters and a son and one grand-daughter. I served on the GurMandir Board for two terms and also as an administrator for a couple of years.


Gurmandir Pandit

Pandit Ramashankar is a dedicated individual who seeks to please the lord and his devotees with his enchanting musical skills. Pandit Ramashankar obtained his Vedic education from Shri Ram Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya where he learnt many types of mastered many Religious Rituals, Astrology, Vedas, Puranas, Srimad Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana. Since then, Pandit Ramashankar has over 11 years of experience as a Hindu Priest. He has extensive knowledge and has performed in front of thousands, with a particular interest in Chowkis/Jagran, Sunderkand, Sai Sandhya/Bhajan Sandhya.

Gurmandir Pandit

Pandit Rajnish Sharma was born in Sunam, a city in Norther India. He successfully completed his Sanskrit education at Gurukul Chandigarh after which he gained deeper insight about the Puranas, Vedas, Dharmashastras, Karmak and Astrology. Since 2014, Pandit Rajnish has been a dedicated priest at the Sindhi GurMandir. He is extremely talented in playing the Tabla, for which he has earned many recognitions, including a Gold Medal in musicality.