Hinduism : A Perspective

Salutations to the Holy Guru who sits in the blissful posture under the banyan tree explaining the Supreme Truth with the silence. Salutations to that Source of knowledge, Salutations to that Giver of knowledge, Salutations to that Kindler who is the Supreme Truth Itself.

Praising His Holy Feet, my wealth, would share a few things I know about Hinduism. I call this as a perspective because Hinduism is a big ocean and am really not sure whether anybody other than the Supreme Itself knows it in its completeness. Though this may appear as a general introductory word, the people who dived in this ocean would really acknowledge the fact of it very much. Because Hinduism is not a book of texts. It is a book of vEdham and sidhdhi, that is knowledge and experience. These two are boundless and hence is the Hinduism. One may spend the whole life in exploring the Hinduism but at the end may not have ever seen the other bank of it.

There is a story. A king wanted to know everything of the Supreme knowledge. In spite of his ministers advice he, being a king, spent all the days in reading the scriptures not concentrating in the government. One day while he was walking along the beech he saw a small boy taking a cup of water and pouring it on the sand. The boy kept doing this continuously. The king could not stop wondering what the boy was trying to achieve? When he asked, the boy replied that he was trying to drain the ocean and went ahead with his routine! The king held him tight in his hands and asked, "You fool! You think you can dry the ocean with this small cup you have ?" The boy patiently replied, "When our king tries to find out everything about the Supreme knowledge within his short span of life, why can't I dry this ocean with this small cup ?"

Hinduism is an ocean of nectar. Nobody should miss it. I do not know its depths but I have a handful of the nectar that I could take. From this small knowledge of the big thing I am in my effort to share by words the taste of the nectar. Let the Flawless Supreme which is the essence of the truth guide me that only the truth comes out that benefits all creatures and the dilution because of my flaws are minimal. Humble salutations again and again to that Glorious Supremes Feet.