Rituals are a special kinds of karmas or acts which are enjoined by the scriptures, and are a great help to fulfill various desires, help in purification of mind, facilitate integration of inner faculties, and the most important help bring God into our day to day activities. Rituals also help bring about a cultural identity. They help in chanellisation of ones faith & love for ones culture & roots. They help bring about get 'Punya' or grace of God with which our lives are made all the more beautiful.

The very fact that Vedas took it on themselves to give the details of these rituals itself shows that this is a very subtle subject. Not undertaking these rituals properly can bring about negative results too. This is a very tricky wicket, and even Lord Krishna says that 'Even the learned ones appear to be pretty deluded about the knowledge of what constitutes a karma'. It is just like taking one's daily medicines, if the instructions are not followed properly then not only the desired results will not be there but at the same time negative results may come. Rituals have their limitations too. They are never a means to help awake to our transcendental dimension. They just prepare the grounds for take off.