Ganpati Baapa Morya -- Visarjan

My sincere thanks to all the members who organized boat cruise! The weather ,food , people , dance, performances ,singing ,and "ENERGY" was really great!!When we were coming back we were so fully charged and had so much fun as Nikita and myself started antakshari in the bus ,all the members had fun we bonded so well. Now we should have yoga ,meditation and nature retreat for few days to enlighten our souls!! Well done !!!Thanks a lot!!

Bina israni
Did you know that Deva Ganesha is one of the most common mnemonics for anything associated with success, business, education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. He is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride. Ganesha Puja is the first thing we do; whether it is start of business, invoking other lords, marriage and any other rituals / ceremonies. No wonder that every one loves Deva Ganesha.

Ashokh Gehi
S.C.A.T. Board of Directors