Hinduism : Which is its land / country?

Which is the land of Hinduism? Is this discipline specific to any land? Could it be followed by anybody in the world?

sanAtana dharma is collection of the paths that lead to the betterment of the world, Humanity. It leads to the eternal bliss when one makes sincere attempts in the pursuit. It provides the various platforms through which various types of people in this whole world depending upon the nature and inclination attain the perfection. All it asks for is for the whole world. All it tells is for the whole world. One can keep on listing the statements from the holy scriptures lokA samastA sukino bhavantu (May all the worlds (people) be comfortable), yathA naH sarvamijjagat ayaxmahuM sumanA asat (through which our this whole world stay free from diseases and in friendly-terms) ............ This list does not end here. The thoughts of this religion goes beyond boundaries when it wishes swastir mAnuShebhyaH, UrdvaM jigAdhu bheShajaM, saMno astu dvipate, saM chatuShpateH (humans be happy, may the herbs grow high, may the two legged be happy, may the four legged be happy), vAzka an^dhanar vAnavar Aninam ( (long) live the kind hearted people, divine celestial powers and the cow herds) and so many hymns well-wish not even for just humans without any discrimination, but even for the other two and four legged creatures (which often one looks down at) and for the plants and divines even ! Nobody gets spared in this well-wish list. These are not one or two hymns here and there. When one undertakes the study of the sanAtana dharma scriptures it is more often these kindling statements are found than not. The direction taken is the betterment of the whole humanity or more wider the Universe. This is not a global religion, but it is a Universal religion!!

But isn't the name Hinduism associated with the name Indus - the river that flows in the Indian subcontinent? And how does one explain the words, rituals etc. which indicate the Indian subcontinent?

The name Hinduism is in fact the derivative of the word Indus. But like the fact that while the land and people of America were always there, historians write that somebody "discovered" America, this ancient religion which was in practice for undeterminably long time, was given the name Hinduism as the practices were found flourishing beyond the river Indus. The names that the people of this religion used were sanAtana dharma (eternal discipline) and vaidika dharma (discipline of vedas - knowledge). In both these terms there is no indication of the land. When we realize that it is a coined term that solves the puzzle.

But has Hinduism been followed in other places ever? Yes, the purANas (written thousands of years before) indicate that this religion once was spread completely on all the seven subcontinents (1) and later due to reasons unexplored, it remained only in the Indian subcontinent. (Indicators like the commonality between Indian and other languages, cultural similarities and some of the excavations add weight to this standpoint. Many may be aware of how the far east - Vietnam and other countries - lost their Hindu tradition in near past. (2) ). It is because of the continued practice of this religion in India that made the influence on the rituals and Hindu encyclopedia. So this would certainly not inhibit people of any land or creed following the Hindu practices. Anybody who wants to benefit could follow any path in Hindu school of philosophy. After all science is for everyone!!

"I am the slave of the slave of the worshipers of Lord Shiva, who live even beyond (in terms of land, creed, time etc.)."
- sundarar