Community Meals GurMandir created Senior Aging Program (SAP) to develop new expectations, norms, and pathways for people aged 55 to 100, to make the most of their gift of longevity. Under this SAP scheme we have two projects, namely Community meals and proposed computer centre.
Currently we are running this Community Meals program three times a week mainly on Sunday, Tuesday and thursday, for 52 weeks in a year since last 3 years, as a situation in which all people obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes self- reliance and social justice. This meal program is entirely managed by seniors, a group of 12 persons, who work on a rotation basis 4 seniors per day event and who control and guide the program in totality. Seniors get involved in community meals programs which is led by them and they serve to themselves and other community members and families. There is a host of activities they perform. This community meals program provides a comprehensive approach to aging well- nutritionally adequate diet, focusing on key aspects of health, finance, relationships, personal growth, and community involvement. SAP uses a proven model of behavior change incentives with a primary emphasis on getting people to take actions to improve their lives.
SAP helps older adults and boomers build their own playbook for aging well. It is a fun, innovative, and person-centered education program that empowers participants to embrace their gift of longevity by spending more time each day doing things that are good for themselves and for others.
SAP encourages SENIORS developing sustainable behaviors across many dimensions that lead to improved health, stronger economic security, enhanced well-being, and increased societal participation.
SAP is the best program we've ever done. Participants love it. At the end of the program, they say, "What's next!" They want to learn more, stay engaged, and stay connected with friends they have made SAP, it's a game changer.

Computer Training Program Computer Basics
This is future program to be undertaken by seniors. A computer lab is to set up soon. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and we rely more and more on computers for everything from cooking to organizing our taxes. An understanding of computer basics is invaluable, and GurManidr provides training to Seniors, adults and youth who are desirous to learn computers.
Why It's a Good Idea
There's always a market for training people how to better use technology. From hobby photographers who want to learn Photoshop or Premier to seniors who want to learn social media and entrepreneurs who could benefit from learning Excel a little better, there's a growing market in this digital world. Plus, this isn't a job that requires a degree or certificate program, although you should have expert-level knowledge at whatever program you're learning or teaching. Another positive aspect about starting a computer training at GurMandir is that it will be manned and led by seniors and project will enroll all seniors desirous to learn computer to help them to communicate and be in close to touch with their families. To gain proficiency in various computer programs that are useful in the business world is now essential. Some such programs, such as word processing, presentation, database and spreadsheet programs, are ubiquitous across most industries, so learning to use them in every aspect may prove beneficial to you. Even though such programs' ubiquity means that many professionals can use them to some degree, most professionals do not have a deep understanding of them. You can make yourself useful by providing training on their more advanced aspects. Other programs may not be so common, such as animation programs, engineering programs, multimedia programs and publishing platforms. Proficiency in such specialized programs can prove even more lucrative than proficiency in more commonprograms, as the supply of professionals skilled in their use is limited.