About Gurmandir

About the Gurmandir and Management

Gurmandir is a non-profit, tax exempt religious organization. It is dedicated to serve the religious and cultural needs of the Sindhi community. Its goals serve the needs of all denominations of Sindhi & Hindu community. Gurmandir was inaugurated on July 1, 2005 in pursuit of its goals. It is the first such Sindhi temple in Canada.

Our Temple Objectives

  • To provide a place of worship and meditation for the Sindhi & Hindu community
  • To provide facilities for Pujas, havans, marriage ceremonies or other religious sanskars
  • To arrange for the celebration of Sindhi & Hindu religious and cultural festivals
  • To provide facilities for the education of our children in various aspects of Hindu relegion, culture and languages
  • To establish a library of Sindhi & Hindu literature for use as reference by the community
  • To arrange seminars and discussions, to hold workshops and lectures for the spirutual advancement of the community in areas of vedic philosophy about Hindu religion
  • To disseminate knowledge of Vedic principles of life through periodic publications.

The Trust, Board and Committees

The Head Office

207 Queens Plate Drive
Toronto, Ontario, M9W 6Z7,Canada

The Organization and Trust

The Organization

To organise the affairs of the Mandir, a hierarchical structure has been designed to ensure professional management, efficient operation, proper scrutiny, active participation in to decision-making and transparency of the system. Following information depicts the functional relationship of the Trust, the Board of directors and various committees.

The Council Of Trustees

The Council Of Trustees Of The Gurmandir, is the permanent body of the Gurmandir constituted to act as the custodians of the property, to safeguard the vision & religious direction and to ensure the smooth administration of the Gurmandir. The Trustees meet twice a year and has the mandate to monitor the general operation of the Gurmandir, review the annual plan, approve the budget and ensure stable administration.

Presently we have ten (10) Trustees. To manage the affairs of the Trust, a chairman, a vice-chairman and a secretary, are elected for a term of six (6) years, to facilitate its working of the Gurmandir.

Responsability and Authority of the Trust

  • Ensure sound fiscal management & approve the budget prior to adoption by the AGM.
  • Act as trustees of the property and review / approve property related decisions.
  • Review & approve annual plans to ensure consistency with the mission & vision.
  • Ensure stability, balanced nominations and fair election process for the Board.
  • Appoint Nomination Committee, Election Commissioners and Appeal Board.

Current officers of the Trust are

Chairman: Mr. Sher Motwani

Board of Directors

The daily and routine activities programs and services of the Gurmandir, are managed by eleven member Board of Directors, elected for a three years term. The Board manages the property and general business of the Gurmandir on behalf of the Trust & GENERAL BODY. It is required to act in manner, and exercise its authority, consistent with the mission, vision and values of the Gurmandir and subject to the policy decisions and the by-laws of the Gurmandir.

Among the current Board members, we have combination of highly successful businessmen, and other professionals. Together they represent a wide spectrum of the Sindhi community. In short, highly credible and respectable people, of our community, are behind this project.

The Board shall follow the “strategic plan” in order to develop objectives for programs, services and activities, consistent with the mission, vision and values of the Gurmandir, and, is collectively responsible to manage property, ensure quality services and achieve fundraising objectives to meet operational needs. More specifically The Board shall:

  • Develop annual operational plans for activities
  • Allocate adequate financial and human resources to achieve objectives
  • Review the work of various Committees and Officers of the Gurmandir
  • Take corrective measures to meet the objectives.

The Board of Directors consists of the Chairman, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) directors. The directors or officers receive no remuneration for services rendered to the Gurmandir.